Thanksgiving 2018

We are working on what we are grateful, or thankful, for this week.  We are using the Thanksgiving Holiday to reflect on gratitude. We will be sharing our gratitude journals & Google Slides with our families over next week’s break. There will be a link under Social Studies on the side, as well as,  these  links to Scholastic resources


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Money time!

Coin Song Youtube  is a video that we have enjoyed watching in class. Please start having your child count your change. Remind them to arrange from greatest value to least in value, then count on. They should know time to the five minute mark as well. Please ask them, “What time is it now?” They need to know how many days in a week, weeks in a month, months in a year too. I will be sharing some resources via Class Dojo this week.

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ABCya Coin games

Here are some fun coin games for the kids to practice with! ABCya Learning Coins and ABCya Learn to Count Money  I will add to our Math links too.


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Classlink at Home

Hello parents- a new link has been added under “At School Websites”. Classlink has the websites our school district has provided for us.  I am going to be sharing a how to sign on with student school Google school email accounts.  There may be additional sign in once you get to the site ( I will provide those logins).  Discovery Education has educational videos that I’ve instructed the students to search k-2 & 3-5 videos. The other videos may be too advanced.  Your child should be able to tell you about the websites.

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Wixie Projects

Hello everyone we have been working on Wixie. It is a great way to share ideas. I have assigned an opinion prompt for students to work on. They will use their graphic organizers to help them create a page for each sentence – introduction, reason 1, reason 2, reason 3, and conclusion. The backgrounds and stickers should relate to the sentence. Please take a look! They can create new projects for the other opinion pages too.

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Subtraction w/ regrouping

Hello Parents! I’ve added a new video for students to use to help remember whether to regroup or not. Please check it out and ask them to ask themselves the questions as they work. Subtraction Rap video Also, check Class Dojo for a video from today’s lesson and help with homework tonight.

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PW Fall Festival Thurs. Oct. 26th

Please mark your calendars and watch for information on how to sign up to help. This years Fall Festival  will start at 1:20PM. More information to follow on Class Dojo and flyers.

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