Picture Day Tuesday 8/18/15 & Fundraiser

Students do not need to wear uniforms tomorrow because of picture day. They will need to send in payment or pay online for any pictures before they get the pictures taken. We sent home the fundraising packets today. Please take  a look in their backpacks.

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Welcome to 2nd Grade 2015-16 -BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT

I am excited to have my new students with me this year. We have successfully completed our first week. We are excited about our new learning and want to share it with our parents and family. I hope that all parents will try to make it to our Back to School Night this Wed. , August 5th at 5:30. We will be working closely with our families this year to ensure success. This will be a great way to kick everything off with a bang! See you then.

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Edmodo Games added

I’ve added Typing Ghosts to our Apps in Edmodo. Students please go in and try it out! I will be adding some flash cards to our Flash Card game as well.  Hope everyone is having a great vacation!

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We have been celebrating reading and Dr. Seuss this week. Thursday , March 5th is crazy pajama day. On Friday students are encouraged to come as their favorite book character.  We  will also  have a special reader come to visit our class and we will attend the annual Cat in the Hat Reader’s Theater assembly.  The more that you read, the more that things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.    -Dr. Seuss

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Jan. 29th NO HOMEWORK!

The students earned a free night from homework. Although some students need to study for spelling! Check their practice test to see if they need to study.

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Place Value Help

Parents you can watch a very good place value video to help explain the concept.  The “place” is where the digit is found ( hundreds/tens/ones). In the number 573 the 7 is in the tens place.  Value is how much the digit is worth in a particular place. For example the value of the 7 in 573 is 70. The expanded form  video can also help understand this concept. Expanded form is the sum of the values – 573 expanded is 500+70+3. Hope this helps!

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It’s Time for Cursive!

Room D8 parents and students we are about to start to learn cursive. I explained today that it is important to hold your pencil correctly . Tomorrow we will work on body posture and  positioning the paper. This will be referred in class as the 3 P’s ( pencil, posture, paper ).I have linked videos on how to form the letters on the side under Student Writing- Cursive Videos (click to view). You will need to scroll down the page a bit to find the alphabet of videos. Please encourage your child to stick with it. The more they work the easier it will be to read and write in cursive. I have found for those with poor printing learning cursive at this age is helpful for becoming neater.

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